About Us

Del Sur produces and markets agricultural products from Paraguay.
It is a subsidiary Company of Compañía Agrícola Ganadera Heisecke, a Company with a 100 years’ of history in the agricultural business.


Del Sur invests in state of the art technology and infrastructure
available in the industry to provide world class quality rice.

We grow 3,500 hectares in our own fields located on the Tebicuary
river basin, the region with the best soil and water flow for rice crop in the country.


Our goal is to produce the finest quality rice in the world. We supply to markets with the highest standards.

From planting to harvesting, our production process ensures uniformity in appearance and flavor of the grains.

White Rice

Brown Rice

Paddy Rice


  • Long Grain White Rice, Polished,
  • Long Grain White Rice, Enriched
  • Long Grain Brown Rice
  • Paddy Rice


  • Broken White Rice
  • Rice Bran


Lenght of grains – average 6.638 mm
Width of grains – average 1.883 mm
Humidity 12%
Fat (Dry sustance) 80.5%
Protein (Dry sustance) 7.85% fibra
Fiber content 9.50%
PH Value 5.5. – 5.5%
Free Fatty Acids (Dry sustance) 0.15 %
GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Non detectable
For human consumption
Gluten free
Rancidity free

Whiteness and polishing accordingly to buyers specification.

Nutrition Facts

Indicator Parameter
Calories 347Kcal
Protein 7.30g
Corbohydrate 78.70g
Fat 0.30g
Dietary Fiber 2.20g


25 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg, 1.000 kg polyeweave bags or 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg film bags


Products can also be shipped in bulk.

River/ sea transport of our rice, in bulk, bags or packages, is made in inspected, approved and properly prepared containers to ensure the product reaches our customers in optimal conditions. Airtight containers offers greater security for food transportation.

Inspected and approved trucks are used for the shipping by land. The cargo is specially conditioned and covered to protect the product quality.

For businesses of greater volume. We have the necessary infrastructure for bulk cargo by vessels.

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  • Calle Tte. Fernando del Valle 289 C/ Del Espiritu Santo | CP 1713 | Asunción, Paraguay
  • +595 21 285260/1/2
  • +595 972 198800 – +595972 300050